Publications & Awards

Rosamund reading at the Banshee Literary Journal launch at the Winding Stair, 11th April 2018.

Last Updated: 13th January 2021

March: A selection from my collection We Lose Our Edges highly commended in Mslexia/PBS Women’s Poetry Pamphlet Competition
May: Pride 2017 chosen by Poetry Ireland as one of twelve “Pocket Poems” to be widely distributed in celebration of National Poetry Day 2020
July: Impressions of a Great Aunt runner-up for the Frogmore Poetry Prize, published in the Frogmore Papers
August: The Polish for Beetroot is Burak in The Ogham Stone (Limerick)
September: Driftwood and The Only Nouns in Banshee (Dublin)
November: From Sperm Whale to Colossal Squid in Channel (Dublin)
December: The Proof, winner of The London Magazine Poetry Prize
When My Wife is a Werewolf in Poetry Salzburg Review 36

January: Book reviews in The North, the Irish Issue
May: We Lose Our Edges in
August: Essay “Excuse Me: I Have Work to Do”: On Despair and Mary Oliver in The Trumpet (Dublin)
Poem When My Wife Is a Hazel Tree in Impossible Archetype (Ireland). Nominated for a Pushcart Prize and a Forward Prize for Best Single Poem.
October: On the Lichens and Liverworts of Bantry Bay and No Natural Predators in Channel magazine (Dublin)
November: Lammergeier, third place in the Ginkgo Prize for Eco Poetry, published in the 2019 Ginkgo Prize Ecopoetry Anthology (London)
December: Washed Up, Washed Away commissioned for Visual Verse (UK)

Frida Kahlo’s Parrots in Agenda vol. 51/3-4 T.S. Eliot Special Issue (UK)
April: We Become Witches and Blue Lias Cliffs in Banshee (Dublin)
May: Death’s-Head Hawkmoth in Best New British and Irish Poets, anthology published by Eyewear Press (UK)
July: Pride 2017 in Poetry Ireland Review, Issue 125
October: Ostolith in The Stony Thursday Book, No. 16
November: Hour by Hour Poetry Jukebox in Belfast
December: Tesseract, Fairies, A Descent – three poems in Multiverse anthology

January: The Minotaur’s Mother won the Reader’s Choice Award in Orbis, issue 175 (UK)
February: Cassandra on the Mountain in Agenda, vol. 50/3-4 The Power of Poetry (UK)
May: Triolet on the Sea Shore, appeared in Watermarks, published by The Frogmore Press (UK)
November: Sheep’s-Head Peninsula, in Magma (UK)

Lost, appeared in Skylights 47 (Galway)
March: Commissioned to write a sonnet for Live Canon’s 154 Poems by 154 Contemporary Poets in Response to Shakespeare’s 154 Sonnets, which was performed at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
May: The Minotaur’s Mother, appeared in Orbis (UK)
Hominidae, appeared in the Agenda Broadsheet (UK)
June: Suddenly the Unicorns, appeared in Magma (UK)
October: Vocabulary, appeared in Banshee (Dublin)
November: Detour: Leaving Edinburgh, appeared in Crannóg (Galway)
December: When I was Twelve, appeared in The Penny Dreadful (Cork)

The Poet and Crazy Jane, selected to read at the celebration for the 250 years Yeats’ Centenary in association with the Dublin Painting and Sketching Club
April: Risperidone and Mirtazapine, in Agenda Broadsheets (UK)
August: Fossils and The Selkie’s Wife, in Agenda (UK)
October: Twelve Dancing Sisters appeared in The Stony Thursday Book (Limerick)

Between Cupar and Kirkcaldy, in Crannóg (Galway), nominated for a Pushcart Prize
Whippet Spay, appeared in The SHOp (Cork)

Competitions and Awards:

Winner of The London Magazine Poetry Prize (2020)
Runner-up for Frogmore Poetry Prize (2019)
Third place in the Ginkgo Prize for Eco Poetry (2019)
Winner of the Mairtín Crawford Award for Poetry, Belfast (2017)
Nominated for a Forward Prize for Detour (Leaving Edinburgh) (2017)
Shortlisted for the Poetry on the Lake Competition for the Silver Wyvern (Italy) (2016)
Selected for the Poetry Ireland Introductions Series (2015)
Patrick Kavanagh Award; joint second place (2015)
Shortlisted for Montreal International Poetry Prize, shortlisted poem, Passage Grave, appeared in Global Poetry Anthology (Canada)(2015)
Shortlisted for the Montreal International Poetry Prize for Walking Without Feet, appeared in the Global Poetry Anthology (Canada) (2013)
Longlisted for the Rialto Nature Poetry Prize (UK) (2013)
Shortlisted for the Live Canon International Poetry Prize for Two Weeks of Snow (London) (2012)
Runner-up for the Bridport Prize for Percival Lowell (UK) (2008)